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Welcome To GuguGaga.ae

With the vast selection of nurseries available in the UAE, it is challenging for parents to decide which infant school is right for their child. Factors such as academic reputation, location and price play a role, as well as suitability for a child’s individual needs.

It is also difficult for nurseries to gain exposure to all parents, leaving an array of options which parents could explore, unknown to them.

GuguGaga simplifies the search for parents, offering one platform which compares all the infant schools available across the UAE. Users can search via a selection of filters such as area or price, saving them time, effort and stress.

We’re a childcare finder with an engaging curriculum backed by qualifited, experienced and passionate teachers! By learning about those

  • Educational Activities
  • Comprehansive
  • Indiviual
  • Provides an easy one-stop-shop which compares all infant schools
  • Saves time, effort and the stress of searching
  • Provides support to families re-locating to the country, who have little knowledge about what options they have
  • Educates parents on the full list of infant schools available, so that they make an informed decision with the entire range of options exhibited to them

Benefits for Parent

Why us?

  • We can find out the price of a specific nursery for you, along with the payment terms
  • You can search the distance of nurseries from your home
  • We can find a specific curriculum you require, or any languages you have a preference for your child to learn
  • We can offer you the chance to both see and experience a nursery, before committing to signing up
  • We can inform you of the dietary plans that nurseries offer
  • We can answer your specific questions on whether nurseries offer bus services, summer camps, playgroups and more

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